Being Creative Is A Messy Thing

Yes, that is an actual picture of my work table this morning.  I’m in the middle of making bundles and as usual, have gone off on many tangents in the meantime.  It does look like total chaos but actually I have a system . . . . Ok all you QPers, I can hear you snickering!

We’re doing a show next month and since I’m in PA grandbaby sitting  in October almost as much as I’m home, a few weeks ago I decided to start to get ready.  I know, I know, very unusual for the “we work best under pressure” side of me!

If just making bundles was what was happening, I wouldn’t have what seems like a total mess on my work table.  I have piles but the piles are organized!  I have a pile of Patriotic bundles waiting for pictures to be taken, then those pictures have to go up on the website and have descriptions written.  I have a pile of “maybes” for Christmas bundles.  I have a pile of bundles that are in need of more of the same made up, but that is waiting till those colors can be dyed. I have a pile of bundles that just need to be tied so they can have pictures taken and yup I have a pile of things that caught my eye and gave me an idea of another bundle I could make . . . . 

At some point I’m going to have to shut off the part of my brain that is  thinking “oh these would be cool in a bundle” and kick start the part of my brain that says “stop fooling around with wool and actually put something together you can sell”.

Unfortunately that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today . . . .

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  • Best laugh I’ve had in a long time!!

    Carol Sliker

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