2020 is in our rearview mirror!  I'm looking into 2021 with hope - hope that the virus is contained, hope that I'll be able to hug my all children and grandchildren again, hope for grocery shopping without worry and not at the crack of dawn during old people hours, hope for traveling again, hope for seeing people at quilt shows again and so much more.    
It's a fine thing to hope, it creates expectations and gives us something to look forward to.  I'm really looking forward to school going back to "normal" and I can go back to cheering the grandboys on and not being the heavy in making them do their work, or struggling with their common core math.  I, like many parents, grandparents and child care providers are firmly in the camp of teachers should be paid more than professional athletes!
The colder weather has me dyeing indoors again, I've been entertaining my neighbors by dyeing on my back stoop when the weather is anywhere near north of 50 degrees.  I'm thinking/wishing for Spring colors so that is what I'll be concentrating on this week.  

I hope your are looking forward into 2021 with hope!  Happy New Year!  Time to get out the dyepots.

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