Sometimes Things Don't Turn Out Like I Thought They Would

Blue purple hand dyed floss, #12 and #8 pearl cotton on hand dyed cotton - all from the same dye pot.

Things don't always turn out the way I thought they would but sometimes the surprise you get is even better!  Long ago, ok about 25 years ago, I had a dye called Lapis and it was a gorgeous blue with hints of purple.  The company discontinued it and I finally used up all I had and was bummed.  So yesterday I decided I needed a new purple and hunted up a recipe that sounded like it would give me the deep purple I was looking for and close to what the picture showed.  So I followed the recipe and got - you guessed it Lapis!  What the heck?  This isn't even close to the purple I was looking for but what a joy to see it looked just like the Lapis of old.  I made sure I wrote the recipe down in several places!  Today I fooled around with the recipe till it looked like the purple I was going for and I'll  find out tomorrow if it really is purple.  I peeked in the container and it looks like the purple I was going for so I have my fingers crossed!  

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