Summer Gardens

I'm looking at my gardens which are just about to burst into bloom with summer flowers.  I have one Iris open full bloom, lavender blooming, peonies covered with buds and one rose just about open with hundreds of buds waiting but the tulips, crocus and daffodils are done.  I'm worry about things that look over crowded, day lilies that have taken over the side garden and do I really need to dig up that Coneflower and move it now or should I wait till Fall?

Jim built me a greenhouse over the winter using vintage windows I literally picked up from around the corner that were out for trash, along with a couple of vintage cellar windows that an artist had painted flowers on I'd bought at a quilt show 10 years ago and have been waiting for that perfect place to hang.  It's not very big and it has more cracks letting in cold air than I want to think of but today when I was out there it was a balmy 88 degrees in there.

I'm anxious to plant my gardens - both flowers and veggies - this weekend because the soil is finally warm enough.  Asparagus plants have been providing us with fresh spears every couple of days but the wait will be long for those first tomatoes.

In the meantime I'm stitching a project from pictures I've taken of my flowers over the years.  I'm planning on a winter stitch along that will have wool applique, stitching details and some beads added in.  Once I get it done and send the pattern off to be printed, I'll show you some teasers of it.  (I might have already posted some way back . . . )  Insert evil laugh here.  

My plan is, at this moment, that we will start in January, do two sections of it a month and be done to use it in the summer of 2022.  That's the plan anyway!  Stay tuned!


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