Tips & Tutorials for Wool Applique & Hand Embroidery

Welcome!  I've started a YouTube Channel with videos I've done over the years and if you click the link next to the title, it will take you to that video on our channel.  I'm trying to figure out how to load the videos to this page but so far the solution has eluded me . . . so for now, we're going with links to our channel.  I am in no way a professional videographer but hopefully you'll find the videos helpful.


  1. Cutting Out Wool Applique Shapes 
  2. Threading Thicker Threads & Tying An Embroidery Knot
  3.  Why Are The Pieces In My Wool Bundle Not All The Exact Same Size?  

  4. What To Do When You Can't Find A Thread To Match Your Wool Applique, Hand Embroidery, Sashiko Or Other Hand Stitching.