A vial with Jeanna Kimball's Foxglove Cottage Straw Needles.

Foxglove Cottage Milliners / Straw Needles

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  • Straw needles are wonderful for wool applique when using 1 or 2 strands of embroidery floss, hand applique on cotton, basting and hand piecing.
  • These straw needles have a narrow shank and glide easily through several layers of fabric. Since the eye of the needle is punched within the existing shank, it does not hesitate at the eye when pulled through fabric. 
  • 16 needles per package.
  1. Size 11 is extra fine and flexible. It is the size preferred for intricate hand applique. It also works great for beading projects.
  2. Size 10 is the same length as the 11 but is slightly thicker.  The thicker shank accommodates a larger eye which makes it easier to thread than the 11 and also prevents it from bending while stitching.  Jeana's favorite needle for applique stitching.
  3. Size 9 is a little longer and a little thicker than size 10.
  4. Size 8 is a little longer and a little thicker than size 9.