Two sets of Emerald green hand dyed wool, top is a lighter color than the bottom.  Same textures and one solid used in each.

Green Emerald Colorway Hand Dyed Wool Fabric Bundles

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  • Two different wool bundles in two shades of the same color!  Both bundles have the same textures but Emerald is lighter and Emerald 2 is darker.  Each bundle's pieces were all dyed in the same dye bath and gives you 4 different shades of Emerald Green - a medium Emerald, with more of a blue tint or a Darker Emerald with less blue, more yellow.
  • Picture shows #1 at the top and # 2 at the bottom.
  • Four pieces of hand dyed, wool approx. 8x13" in each bundle.
  • 100% wool, hand dyed and felted so its ready to stitch.