Thread nests are in the shape of a six pointed star with a picture of a birds nest on it. Thread is wrapped over and under the star point

Thread Nests

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  • Never deal with loose or lost thread ends and tangled bits of leftover threads again!  Use these unique nest-shaped floss bobbins to organize your collection of embroidery fibers.  Each bobbin has seven short incisions - one in each branch intersections and one at and internal "branch" intersection - to secure both ends of your threads.  Use the outer incisions on the bobbin to secure the leftover bits of thread that you simply can't throw away.  
  • 12 nests to a package
  • Nest shaped Thread Bobbins hold floss, Pearl Cotton, wool thread and more! 
  • Made from ph Neutral, Durable cardboard. 
  • Write the thread brand and color number on the back to keep track. 
  • Wrapable, stackable and storable!
  • Buy 5 packs and get one FREE!  You don't need to do anything, we'll add in your free package before we ship!