My name Is Debbie And I am A Thread Addict . . .

Barnegat Bay Dyeworks Hand Dyed Threads

I love thread - almost any kind of thread but natural fibers are my favorites.  I have a chest full of thread sorted by color with crewel threads, hand dyed threads, perle cottons, floss, silk, silk ribbon, you name it, I probably have it.  If I didn't use it, then you could say, I'm crazy - well ok, there are other reasons you could say I'm crazy but we won't go there! 

I have quite a bit of thread but do you think I can find a dark, dark red to use with my dark, dark red hand dyed wools?  Nope.  All the reds in my drawer in all different kinds of hand thread and no really dark red.  So I though, I'll dye some!  And I did!  Loved it!  I dyed wool thread while I was dying some dark, dark red wool fabric.  It's PERFECT!  Have I used it yet?  Of course not but that reminded me I'd dyed a few colors of wool threads a few years ago and loved using those.   But I needed yellow.  And brown.  And some black/gray would be good . . . . 

I should have stopped right there but this was too much fun!  What about floss?  And Perle Cotton?  Yes, I needed different dyes for cotton than I use for wool but that's ok, I have some colors in that type of dye and I had white floss and white cotton.  So I dyed perle cotton and some floss.  I wanted a BRIGHT orange for pumpkins and a purpley blue.  And then a green.  And yes I need some tan but I wanted a variegated tan, so out came the brushes and I painted some.  Then I played with yellow, orange and pink in the same skein . . . . Then I ordered more dyes and I bought a HUGE spool of floss . . . .  It's official, I have fallen head first into the thread dyeing rabbit hole . . . . 

So soon you'll see a new section on the website for hand dyed threads.  I've already done too much to keep for myself . . . 

So let me pick your brains please!

Floss - do you want the standard 8 yards or would you like 15 yards?  Or maybe 20?

Perle/Pearl Cottons - 10 yard skeins?  10 one yard cuts? 20 yards? 30 yards?  
What sizes would you like?  I love #12 so thats what I've been dyeing but I've been looking at size 8 and size 5.

Solids?  Variegated?  Mulit colored?  How many yards?

Thanks for any input.  I appreciate it!  Now I need to go find room in my thread cabinet for the threads I just can't live without.  Ok, ok, I admit it!  I'm keeping one of every color . . . .

Stay safe my friends!




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  • Love what you are doing! I like the smaller skeins. Always looking for a perle # 5 in a really bright variegated yellow. Thanks for asking …mjl

  • I like Perle cotton 12. I love to quilt with it so I need large size skeins for that. A large quilt usually takes between 3-4 skeins. It might take 5 if I do a lot of quilting. I am thinking about using variegated for my next two quilts.


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