Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your wool 100% wool?

Yes, with the exception of a couple of clearly marked bolts that have a metallic thread running through them in the design, all our wool is 100% wool.  Some is made in the USA!

  • Is your wool washed and felted?

Yes, our wool is cut off the bolt, washed in Synthrapol and dried which all results in felting and shrinking.  We are a pet free, smoke free dye studio and we use no scented products.

  • Why is wool smaller than standard fabric sizes? 

Before dyeing, I cut wool off the bolts at 19" for half yards and 38" for full yards, then it goes into a long soak in warm water, into a HOT dye bath, rinsed in lukewarm water, into the washing machine on warm and then into the dryer.  All that causes shrinkage so you will find the half yards have shrunk to 16 1/2 to 17" approx and the full yards have shrunk to 34 or 35" depending on the wool.  Also wool off the bolt can be anywhere from 58" to 60" from selvedge to selvedge  so that creates a difference in width sizes too.

  • What will my domestic (in the USA) shipping charge be?  

We ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority or First Class Package with Tracking.  Your postage charge will appear on your checkout page.  

  • What will my international shipping charge be?

International Customers we ship either USPS First Class Package rate with delivery confirmation or Priority Mail, and your postage charge will appear on your checkout page.  

In these crazy times, we have adjusted our trips to the Post Office to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Some packages are arriving at their destinations as scheduled and some are taking a day or two longer.  International shipping might be, probably will be, longer than normal.

How does the Bundle Of The Month work?

Our bundle of the month ships the first week of the month and is all hand dyed by Debbie.  You can choose from two sizes and we will ship each month until you tell us not to.  There is no annual requirement and you can cancel anytime as long as you call 609-242-0033 (as much as we rely on emails and they work most of the time, sometimes they do not and we don't get them so be sure to call and leave a message instead of emailing) .  To stop the next month's shipment, you must call before the 15th of the month.  You can find all the details by clicking here.